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A little bit about depression

This text is not about sand animation. Today I want to talk about depression. I constantly hear talk about this problem lately.

If you are often fired from work. If you are sure that you will not be able to find a place in life and your talents will not be appreciated, that's good! This means that you are ready for change.

Just start acting in the direction that is right for you. You do not need a very long time to question and reflect. Do not think about the right choice if this is not obvious to you. Life will make edits when it's important. Just start acting and do not look back. Divide the big way into small pieces. This is an old method, everyone knows it. But few people remember about him on time.

I dreamed of just drawing pictures on the sand and not walking around the offices. This fantasy has become a reality now.)) And it all started with the solution of small tasks.

I was just looking for information and video. Then I made a table for sand animation and began to repeat the pictures on the video. It`s took half a year. I created a free website.  And then the first performances began ...

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