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About art without pathos

I studied painting for a long time. Art of time-consuming but it does not make money. I was able to sell a single picture of the 10. I sold one of these three paintings.

And now I'm doing art for fun. I make my living another kind of art. I work as a showman and an artist and director and opirator. This is a sand animation.

Artists are divided into three categories: masters, artisans and amateurs. Masters live in the higher spheres of art. They create installations, performances demonstrate and draw insane abstraction that is not available to mere mortals. Artisans cloned seascapes Ayvazovskogo. Or create numerous Dutch still lifes. Their work may cost up to $ 500 - this is the height of their requests.

Amateurs most unpredictable artists! They do not have the skills. Usually they do not work in their specialty. They have a lifetime struggle for the title of a free artist. But they put into work a lot of money. Often, it is unrequited love.

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