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Аbout artists and prices

This Sand show, often referred to as "sand animation" because originally this technique was invented by artists to create animations. This kind of art was invented by director-animator Caroline Leaf. Sand animation is transformed into a show after the advent of digital cameras and screens.

I make videos with sand graphics very often. They have a very different purpose and format. Videos are ordered by the anniversary of different firms and companies. And promotional videos created almost every month. I have several videos and a huge number of different television content. These were the inro, horoscope, fairy tale ...

I said earlier, Sand movie is very original genre, and a flexible price for the work. All that is required to produce the video - it's a handful of sand. Glass, two light bulbs to 60 watt and a simple video camera. There is no need for the finest color reproduction. I'll easily cope with this work. If your computer is powerful enough that everything goes very quickly.

Technology does not require extra costs. It is important to create a beautiful idea, and to find a skilled pair of hands, that all this will draw. And the price depends on how the artist will appreciate his work. It does not require actors, directors, rental sites, expensive cameras ...

Generally, I like to work with the camera and editing. Constantly experimenting. There are more opportunities than in live performance. You get more fun, when you collect a bunch of different fragments, apply color filters and sounds. And get something amazing and new!

Of course, video production for advertising is more difficult than the video for family holiday. Commercials shorter but more expensive. To advertise is very difficult to prepare the script.

When you create a movie for weddings and family events, it can make the most of interesting creative ideas. You can give free rein to imagination and share their discoveries with a grateful audience.

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