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Art comes first

We often look at art as entertainment, and we can do without it. We can perfectly work, eat, drive a car, watch videos, talk on the phone. Why do you need art art? Why do we need these theaters, galleries? After all, you can live without it all! Film companies create blockbusters, which are translated into dozens of languages and demonstrated for the masses. The internet is full of pictures. Spectacles can be received without leaving the apartment! The reality is that our reality is full of art. It can be defined as the main feature of intelligent beings. This is the art of objects that remain after each civilization. These are fragments of ceramics, metal products or fragments of architecture. Without knowledge of composition and color it was impossible to create anything. The cars we drive, the clothes we wear, the houses we live in are all art objects. There were periods in history when there were no wars and soldiers, no politicians and economics, but at all times people created aesthetics. They painted the walls of caves and dishes, they created temples and tombs. The man was constantly striving for harmony and beauty. Although everyone understands it in their own way.

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