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How to choose the actor for a holiday?

I hear this question frequently. Customers are asked to help in this matter. I even think about Event- agency. But as long as I confine simple guidelines about my colleagues.

It is not so easy to find a suitable actor or musician to the particular holiday. Now, these services offer a special agency. They have a catalog of artists. Agencies know personally every artist with whom to work. They take full responsibility for the quality of its artists.

But the Event-agency are different too. In any case, if you want to maximize the impact, you should know as much information about all the contractors working on your event. Especially when your finances are not very large. Many companies are trying to survive in difficult conditions. And give a holiday is very important to support the spirit of the team.

Well, when you can afford celebrity. They are easy to find, they are always in sight. But the stars are often out of reach. The price may change abruptly, especially for New Year holidays. And celebrities may not have enough time and desire to exclusive for you, as a rule, it will be a universal program for all occasions. Celebrities are very picky and are optional

But what to do when you have a little less than $ 100,000 and you want to find real professionals? You must ask the details of the artist or the Event-company that it represents. You can ask about experience, inquire about customers, travel. If a person is willing to support a conversation, polite and educated, he is trying to please you and cherish you as a potential customer. And if he's a little stretching the truth, for more vivid impressions - it's good! This person will try to do the job efficiently. And with them we can always negotiate the price of the assignment of work.

You can search for information in social networks, ask Google. And if information is not provided on this person, you should think about. Even a novice actor, really try to promote themselves on the Internet. There are an infinite number of places where you can create a personal page for free, and you have to be stupid or lazy to not take advantage of this opportunity. Your chosen contractor should not be a random person. Photos or video of his work must be constantly looming in social networks, on various pages and blogs. And best of all, when an artist has their own, personal website. This means that a man seriously working and developing. He shows his work, communicates with clients, and in general, has not lost interest in the future.

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