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Is It Easy Money?

We are used to think that artists are daughters of fortune. They do not have to go to work every day. They are forgiven for their unbalanced behavior, propensity to alcohol and pathological laziness. And everyone loves artists! Pay them big fees and worship their creativity.

But the truth does not look so colorful ((

To become a recognized artist you need to survive years of deprivation. This is the time when you must find your unique style, hone your skills. This is a time of countless experiments, for which no one pays you.

You think that every new idea is brilliant. But when you embody it and show the audience, you realize that you have not achieved the expected result, and you need to continue working ...

This will be repeated again and again. Many can not stand and abandon their dreams. But those who survived have the right to success! But this success must be kept. You must always be in shape. Your creations should surprise admirers. If you start repeat creating templates and being lazy, then your audience will leave you.

People love art. They really need it. And It does not depend on their social status and mental development. Every level has its own art. And holidays are needed at any time, even during a crisis and war. And artists are those who create a holiday!

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