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Just draw!

If you are a creative person and a professional, you should think only about the quality of your pictures. All the rest is in the background. There are different times. Even oil and gas can depreciate and yesterday's millionaires can become ordinary clerks. Others may say that for art now is not the time and it is necessary to find a more prosaic occupation. You may think that your style is not in a trend now. Or you have been blocked by younger and more talented people. They are a step ahead of you.

Such moments happen at all. It`s completely normal. You can share these thoughts with loved ones, if they do not have a headache. You can complain to friends over a beer mug. But do not seriously believe in these destructive ideas. Bad times will pass. Everything develops in waves. If you once already had success in your art, then it will happen again. Just need to be patient and continue to work.

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