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What is it - sand show?

What is the mystery of this strange popularity of the genre? Here is the secret of his genius simplicity. In fact, this is the usual sand and white glass. Very simple!

Yes, still need a projector, a screen, a lot of wires ... - but technical updates are changing rapidly today. They were replaced by large plasma screens, and now increasingly used with LED screens. The camera is connected to the screen and Wuala! The screen and the sound is always there at big events. It is only necessary to coordinate all the connections with the technicians.

This show is unique! Speech is prepared exclusively for you! This is the story of your life, success and love. Of course, there are cases where the customer does not need an exclusive story, and we offer a script with a few additions. But more often it is the exclusive work on the script of the customer.

Нistory, painted live before your eyes - a special kind of aesthetic pleasure! The spectacle lasts from 7 to 15 minutes, and all the while the audience tries not to breathe from excitement. It is a very exciting number, though, is not associated with the risk of their lives. But when you see how someone's hand draws your first steps, your school, first love, the first success of the first tour, at this moment you remember all your life. This feeling can not be forgotten, it remains in your memory for years to come.

No, video filming or photo shoot is not able to revive your memories so, as a living image of sand!

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