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Popularity and TV.

I'm invited to participate in television programs quite often. Television is still a very popular channel for advertising. But it is very popular with the older generation. My peers are not so actively watching TV. All useful information and entertainment can be easily and quickly obtained on the Internet. But this is an interesting work and can be very useful. Many TV programs are popular on the Internet too. But directors often offer to participate in the program for free. They motivate it with the opportunity of good advertising and popularizing your creativity.


It is important to find the right motivation for yourself.

If you are very young and just starting a career, you can work for free. This will be your contribution to your own popularity. But when the artist is already quite well known and his site is in all news agencies, you do not need to spend your talent on free projects. In fact, they just want to use you, and sometimes such popularity can even hurt you. This happens if you shoot a scandalous reality show. Television is a lot of money, do not forget about it.

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