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Сure for the mediocrity virus

The growth and development of a creative person can be compared with the treatment of a viral infection, a virus I call the illusory world of outdoor standards of morality and values. Doctors do not cure the virus, they struggle with the symptoms that accompany the virus, support it so that it simply lives, does not suffer from dehydration, that the liver works, beat the heart, and kill

bacteria that attack a weakened body. But the body itself copes with the virus, life itself, which lies hidden in our cells.

In the same way, an artist should support the desire to live and create in himself, evenly overcoming the toxins of the surrounding world. Medicines are different .... The main thing is strictly follow the dosage)) Gradually, you will learn to fight the infection of despondency and complexes and the outside world will someday bend under us)).

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