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Where are you going?

Where are you going?

Every artist should ask this question. Your work kills you or become source of pleasure. And so always and in everything. I will give an interesting example from the history of art.

Vincent Van Gogh was known in Paris as a crazy artist. He constantly suffered and infected his relatives and friends. The life of this artist was full of conflicts, tragedies and disappointments. All his emotions are from the experience that he embodied in the pictures. Now the art of Van Gogh is known all over the world, his paintings are estimated in millions. His " Self-portrait with a cut ear " is known throughout the world, even people who are not interested in art know him.

But Viсen Van Gogh became known only 20 years after his death. And this happened only because German burghers became interested in his art. They saw great opportunities in the strange paintings of a forgotten crazy artist.

Do you understand what happened? Creativity was for the artist a cause of suffering, and for art dealers it became a source of big money! The world around us can make us happy or kill us. And we make the choice ourselves.

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