About me

I draw from birth. And always was an artist, even when highly doubt it.

I've mastered the basics of fine arts at the art school. Later, I studied at the National Pedagogical University named after Dragomanov, specialty "teacher of the fine arts." And then, I worked as the teacher in studios, art schools, training centers, secondary schools, gymnasiums of 10 years.I worked as a leading children's TV show. And at this time I began to create my first painting. My paintings are written unusual technique of drawing –pointillism( optical color mixing method, in which the image is put small points). Two tens my pictures contain in art galleries and private collections Ukraine, Poland, Germany, France, Canada, America, Russia, and Israel.

But digital technology beckoned a new, unprecedented perspectives. The artist should periodically look for new forms of realization of his talent, otherwise he turns into a relic, a fossil. At the beginning of the 2000s, I went into graphic design. I started drawing layouts for Palace parquet and interior details. But I wanted more dynamics. And I went "breaking bad". Majored in advertising design, various elements of web design, video editing... . In general, everything was interesting, but these areas are part of a single assembly line, where everyone has a specific task and the boundaries of creativity.

And I wanted to create masterpieces by which he could put my signature. And I discovered a sand art, where the dynamics and the artistic vision of the merged.

Ferenc Chaco was my first teacher. He was a hungarian painter. I studied for his films. He created the genre of sand animation. His films are shot "live" without installation and acceleration. The whole method of operation is visible in the film.

First experience has shown that to draw before the audience can not every. I did it, and I have the opportunity to implement its creative vision engaged in favorite business.